About Me

Hello, I`m Alex and I have discovered scuba diving in 2016. Since then I have traveled in various places of the world to find some of the best dives. I always spend a lot of time doing my research for the next trip to make sure I have the best weather, the best chance to see rare ocean life and most important to have a safe dive.

You can see me in action:


All started in 2016 in cold spring waters of the Black Sea when I have passed the exam for Open Water Diver.


Certified for Enriched Air Nitrox 40% O2 in spring of 2019.


Advanced Open Water Diver is a fun and practical certification as various dives are tested. I did return for summer to the Black Sea in 2019.

Continue reading to find the best destinations and how to choose a good dive center or how to enjoy the best dives and snorkeling sessions.