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Diving In Mansuar – Raja Ampat- Indonesia


Pulau Mansuar is a famous scuba dive destination in Raja Ampat. The divesites can be enjoyed from both liveaboards and dive resorts as it can be reached in approximately one hour by boat.

My dives in Mansuar:

My dive resort was providing day trips to Mansuar with 3 dives / a day. I got the chance to visit the area on two occasions with a few days apart . All the dives were amazing with plenty to explore and discover. The reef is very healthy with a lot of soft and hard corals with lots of colours.
Between the dives we spent our time exploring the small villages of Sawandarek and Yenbuba.

Sawandarek Jetty:

This is an easy dive that starts in the jetty area and descends to 20 meters / 65 feet with very good coral in the shallow water. The jetty attracts a lot of sweetlips, batfishes and spadefish so this is a good spot for picturing them.

One of the largest giant clam that I have seen can be easily spotted in this dive. It is measuring at least 1 meter / 3.5 feet (you can check it here).

This site is also good for encountering sharks like the blacktip reef shark or the wobbegong shark. I was lucky to find a carpet shark moving in the daylight as they usually spend the day hidden under big rocks or corals. You can see him in the video bellow at minute 03:12.

Check my experience

Yenbuba Jetty:

Another popular scuba dive site in the Mansuar Island is near Yenbuba Village. This also an easy dive with a maximum depth of 22 – 25 meters / 72 – 82 feet.

Similar to Sawandarek the jetty is home to large schools of various fishes. You can also encounter turtles, sharks, napoleonfish and beautiful corals like table and lettuce corals.

Other Divesites:

  • Ransiwor
  • Sidon Mankur

Extra video:

Second day experience – Mansuar Scuba Diving

What you`ll see:

Pristine Corals, Wobbegong Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Batfish, Spadefish, Surgeonfish, Napoleon Wrasses, Turtles, Barracuda, Boxfish, Sweetlips, Giant Clams.


Scuba diving in Mansuar area is a must if you have the chance to be in Raja Ampat.


This is a great site for snorkelers and this should be a must for everybody. You can read about snorkeling in Mansuar here.

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