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Diving Zenobia Wreck – Cyprus

Zenobia Shiwreck

MS Zenobia is a 172 m / 565 feet long wreck sunk in Larnaca Bay. The dive is at accessible depths raging from 16 m / 52 feet to 43 m / 141 feet and can be reached within recreational limits.

My dive:

Had a great experience at Zenobia in July 2019 with good temperature and very good visibility. During the first dive we covered the outside of the wreck including the propellers and stern where rich sealife can be seen. The wreck sits in a tilted position and being so big makes the fishes to sit upwords being confused of not seeing the bottom. I have to admit that Zenobia is so large that even a diver can lose orientation for a short time. On our second dive we swam through the main cafeteria where the original red tartan carpet is still present and the trucks that survived very well looks impressive. I would definitely return for some more dives accompanied with a wreck diver certification to be able to explore more.

The trip also includes a BBQ lunch which sounded silly at the beginning but actually it was fun and tasted better than expected. An important note is that non divers can join the boat as sunbeds are available on the deck for relaxing.

Onboard Lunch – Chicken Barbeque

Check my Zenobia diving experience in the following clip:

Getting there:

Fly to Larnaca International Airport. The wreck lies near Larnaca roughly 1.5km / 1 mile from shore and just a short boat ride is needed to reach the dive site.

When to visit:

Diving season runs from March to November but June to October months are recommended for having comfortable temperatures (above 23°C / 73°F) and good visibility (20 m / 65 feet).

What you`ll see:

Wreck, Parrotfish, Lionfish, Groupers, Triggerfish

Wreck certification is recommended for penetration dive but also a non-penetration dive is enjoyable as the wreck sits in an uncommon position and a lot of its cargo can be seen.



Even though accommodation is available in Larnaca I stayed in Ayia Napa as the area is good for nightlife,  restaurants and beaches. From here 1 hour drive is needed to Larnaca port.

Diving center:

I recommend Ocean View Dive as their service was excellent. The dive guide was good and I was the only diver in the group.

Dive rating:


Even the wreck profile can be spotted from snorkeling there is not much else to be seen.

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