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Diving In Cape Kri – Raja Ampat- Indonesia


Cape Kri is widely recognised as the most biodiverse and pristine scuba diving site in the world. Beside the beautiful and healthy reef that is typical for Raja Ampat, large schools of all kinds of fishes and various marine life can be encountered.

My dives in Cape Kri:

My dive resort was providing day trips to Capi Kri with 3 dives / a day. After the first dives in the area I wanted to experience again so I returned a few days later. All the dives were excellent with a lot of marine life to encounter.
Between the dives we spent our time relaxing in Friwen beach. You can enjoy a fresh coconut here so do not forget to bring some cash.

The dive sites in Cape Kri can have very strong current and are recommended only to advanced divers. Try to plan diving here towards the end of your Raja Ampat trip.


Blue Magic:

The reef is located halfway between Capi Kri and Waisai in open water. This is an advanced dive that starts into the blue and descends to 22 meters / 72 feet with the reef starting from 8 meters / 27 feet. Usually the current here is very strong and a lot of large fishes are attracted.

If you want to maximize the time under water and enjoy the dive it strongly recommended to use a reef hook. Using one you can stay longer in the same area without having to kick against the current. During my dive the current was so strong that I bit my mouthpice so bad that I cut it one side.

During this dive I was able to observe various fishes fighting against current like small wrasses, damsel, moorish idols and cleaners or searching for protection from large coral reef formations.

Large schools of jacks, snappers or bannerfish are everywhere and you cannot miss them. Sometimes they are so numerous that you cannot see anything else around.


The oval shaped reef is around Mioskon, a small island in the Dampier Strait. You should be comfortable with strong currents for this dive. Maximum depth for my dive was 20 meters / 65 feet and the average was 12 meters / 40 feet.

If I have to describe this dive in two words definitely rollercoaster ride is the perfect summary. The current was so strong that almost all the dive I had to swim against the current just to achieve a drift like experience. This was one of the most interesting and unique dives I ever had.

Mike’s Point:

This reef is near a very small island inhabited only by birds located near Gam Island. This site should be dived only by advanced divers as the current can be very strong and there is risk of downdrafts. Maximum depth for my dive was 28 meters / 92 feet.

The reef looks like a mushroom with a shallow plateau and steep wall starting from 5 meters and dropping to 25-30 meters to a sandy bottom.

Because of the wall being at almost straight angle and the extended top edge prevent direct sunlight the fishes are tricked and they hold unusual positions.


This is another popular divesite for Cape Kri area, in the east side of Kri island.

Maximum depth for my dive was 28 meters / 92 feet and the average was 13 meters / 43 feet.

Lau Lau Reef:

Maximum depth for my dive was 18 meters / 59 feet and the average was 12 meters / 40 feet.

Scuba diving in Cape Kri video:

What you`ll see:

Jacks, Snappers, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Batfish, Spadefish, Surgeonfish, Napoleon Wrasses, Turtles, Barracuda, Bannerfish, Unicornfish, Squirrelfish, Triggerfish, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowfin Tuna .


Scuba diving in Cape Kri should be on the bucket list for every diver.


This is site is not accessible for snorkelers as the reef is not shallow and the current can be to strong. You can read about snorkeling in Raja Ampat here.

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