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Diving Bull Shark Encounter – Playa del Carmen

bull shark diving

Bull shark is one of the largest and aggressive sharks and can be encountered worldwide in warm and shallow waters near the coasts. The best place for encountering bull sharks and diving is Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Is bull shark diving safe ?

No cage is needed for encountering in Playa del Carmen. The most important is to sit relaxed on the bottom and follow your guide`s instructions. Also sudden moves and wearing strong colours should be avoided during the scuba dive.

My bull shark encounter dive:

The dive spot is near Playa del Carmen, just 5-10 minutes boat ride from the shore. After a quick briefing about what to do and what not to do when face to face to the large sharks.

The boat trip to the feeding station is short and we reached the spot in 10 minutes. A quick descent to bottom ( 22 m / 65 feet) is needed.

Once we arrived at the feeding station we sat on the sandy bottom. It is very important to stay still for clear water and to avoid attracting sharks. Then the sharks start to round us and gather for the fish. The feed lasted for 25 minutes which is more than enough to enjoy the beautiful tiburón toro and have a thrilling experience. Also we have seen more than 10 sharks at a time.

Check my (uncut) video from the dive:

When to visit to encounter the bull shark:

Most females arrive in the area in early December and stay until end of March. Considering this is also the dry season for Riviera Maya this is great time to visit and dive for the shark encounter.

What you`ll see:

Bull Shark, Bull Sharks, Remoras, Fusiliers.

You should be comfortable with diving overweight. This is needed for fast descent and better stability on the bottom.


Diving Center:

I have dived with Phantom Divers from Playa del Carmen. I would strongly recommend this dive center.

Dive Rating:

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