Raja Ampat Travel Guide – Top Things To Do

Raja Ampat Travel Guide

Raja Ampat is an ultimate exotic destination with stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, white sand beaches and an amazing underwater world. Even if it is not easy to get there it is a great opportunity to discover an untouched paradise.

Top things to do:

Raja Ampat is a world famous destination for diving and snorkeling but there is much more that can be explored to have an unforgettable experience. Even if you are not a diver or snorkeler you will not get bored if you follow this Raja Ampat travel guide.

Traditional Villages

For those who want to learn more about the culture and traditions of the papuan people visiting a local village is a must. You will find small villages located on white sandy beaches, surrounded by jungle, palm trees and blue waters. We visited some local villages between dives. Most of them are small with a few streets paved with sand and a few coloured houses. During a visit in the village you can walk around, discover the local people and the big churches. Everything is so chill and peaceful that you lose track of your daily routines.

Day Trip to Fam Islands

For everyone traveling to Raja Ampat is absolutely necessary to visit the Fam Islands for the famous scenery. Piaynemo is the most popular island from Fam. After an easy climb on wooden stairs for approximately 20 minutes , you will reach the iconic landscape of West Papua. In this heavenly archipelago you will discover jungle-covered islands and crystal clear waters. Fam Islands have unspoiled beaches where you can snorkel, relax, enjoy the sun or have lunch.


If you are an adventurous traveler, you can explore the jungle in search of incredible birdlife. Raja Ampat is a world-renowned destination for exotic birds including Wilson’s bird-of-paradise and the endemic species of the red bird-of-paradise. Waigeo and Batanta are the best areas to spot these beautiful birds in their natural habitat. To watch the bird of paradise, you must take a trip early in the morning. But if you’re not a morning person then you can enjoy hornbills safari during sunset. Hornbill island, near Batanta is the best place where you can spot them. They appear from all directions, descending from the sky to the small island making a unique flapping wing sound.


When it comes to snorkeling, Raja Ampat is a top snorkeling destination that offers a unique experience where you can easily spend all day exploring the reefs. Current can be strong in some areas but snorkelers can enjoy almost all top dives sites like Mansuar or Fam island. In the underwater world you have the opportunity to observe the most beautiful soft and hard corals and a great variety of tropical fishes. Night snorkeling is a must. You can enjoy a completely different underwater world at night, with few reef fishes but many predators.


Raja Ampat is the holy grail for divers that look for healthy and pristine coral reefs. The biodiversity is incredible and every dive is different and with plenty to enjoy. Read more about diving in Raja Ampat.


There is no better place to spend some time relaxing than an overwater bungalow on a remote island while listening to the sound of waves and jungle. If you are not a diver or snorkeler, you can enjoy sitting in a hammock, reading a good book and watching the most beautiful sunrise or sunset. Most of the islands in Raja Ampat are remote with no phone or internet connection.

Raja Ampat Travel Guide:

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Official guide for Raja Ampat can be found here.

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